Complying with Medicare’s annual Physician Quality Reporting System is not only complex and cumbersome, PQRS reporting requirements continue to evolve from year to year.
That’s one reason you should consider partnering with a qualified PQRS Registry vendor such as PQRS Solutions™ from Mingle Health. Each year, we comb through the thick document of rule changes to fully understand the implications for our clients. We even produce a webinar detailing the most significant changes to the PQRS reporting requirements.
“Let us find a PQRS solution that’s right for you,” says Dr. Dan Mingle, CEO of Mingle Health. A former family-practice physician, Dr. Mingle is passionate about pioneering data-driven solutions that improve individual medical practices and the entire health care system.
Now a respected leader in the ever-evolving field of Registry reporting for PQRS, our team combines deep experience, custom analytical tools and a unique personal touch to deliver a submission success rate of over 99%. We can even convert your claims submission to a qualifying registry submission to dramatically increase the likelihood of success.
When you register we help you:

  • Estimate your potential payment adjustments.
  • Decide which measures to report based on:
    • Measures you are eligible to report.
    • Measures most relevant to your specialty.
    • Measures that are easiest to report (fewest chart abstractions or ease of EHR data extraction)
    • Measures that will give you the best performance–based on your actual data.


Finally, you decide when you are ready to submit:

  • Choose your measures
  • Extract and input your data
  • Review your reporting and performance calculations

Contact Mingle Health today to discuss this year’s PQRS reporting requirements and how we can help simplify your annual Medicare reporting chores.

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