Hospital case managers, social workers, and discharge teams use SilverSearch™ to help patients choose their post-acute care provider.

SilverSearch™ is a searchable tablet application that hospital case managers, social workers, and discharge teams use to help patients choose their post-acute care (PAC) provider. The application provides patient-facing CMS ratings and information about PAC providers throughout the U.S. Patients can easily filter and sort searches based on the specialized care needed (including long-term acute care, inpatient rehabilitation facility, skilled nursing facility, and home health agency), the preferred location and suitable radius, and the accepted insurance plan(s).

The SilverSearch ™ platform:​
  • Helps patients easily sort and filter providers and facilities based on their care needs, location, and insurance plans. ​
  • Provides information for patient decision-making, including CMS ratings, testimonials, and more.​
  • Prevents costly re-admissions and improves patient transitions for Hospital Systems and ACOs through the creation of custom networks.​

Hospital Case Managers, Social Workers & Discharge Teams

Hospital case managers, social workers and discharge teams provide patients with the SilverSearch digital directory and engage patients in selecting the post-acute care provider that meets their needs and preferences.

SilverSearch™ provides patients with current information, accepted insurance providers, services offered, map location and details about providers that can be filtered and sorted to enable better choices.

Hospital staff can filter CMS approved CJR providers and affiliated and preferred providers to help patients navigate their choices for post-acute care.

The SilverSign™ e-signature feature enables patient signature at bedside. Hospital forms including, “Patient Preference,” and the “MOON” form are signed on the tablet and posted to the EHR.

Patients & Their Families

Patients and family members filter searches for post-acute care providers on the SilverSearch tablet based on specialized care needed (including, long-term acute care (LTAC), inpatient rehabilitation facility (IRF), skilled nursing facility (SNF), and home health agency (HHA)). Patients then select a location radius by zip code or city name anywhere in the U.S. and the accepted insurance plan(s).

Provider results can be emailed from the tablet to family members and friends to help with their provider selection.
Patients who participate in their care planning are more confident and less anxious about their transitional care. SilverSearch helps to improve the patient’s experience and engagement.

Post-Acute Care (PAC) Providers

The SilverSearch tablet contains a compiled database listing of PAC providers throughout the US. Listings are automatic and at no cost to providers. The PAC provider listings show the address, phone number, CMS ratings, distance, and other information.

SilverSearch provides free access and login information to PAC providers so that they can update important information and manage their profile. These updates upload automatically to the SilverSearch listings so that patients anywhere see real-time information.

PAC providers are encouraged to contact SilverSearch to access and manage information about their agency with no cost or obligation.

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