One of the most frequent questions we hear is this: "How do I get my data to you?"

The answer is through the PQRS submission dashboard.

For measure group submissions, this process requires no special database or computer skills. It is as easy as looking at the patient chart, either on paper or in your EHR.

In Step 5 of the Submission Dashboard, enter the data about your patients eligible for the Measure Group: patient ID, name, date of birth, and visit date.

Next, review the patient chart and determine if the measure has been met, not met, excluded or if the patient is not eligible for each measure.

Back in the Submission Dashboard, click the radio button that indicates the performance.

This video will walk you through how it's done.

Your Host

Dr. Dan Mingle, CEO and nationally recognized Medicare quality reporting expert, has personal experience owning and operating a small group family practice. His insights into the many problems that plague our healthcare system led him on a quest to innovate a better-functioning submission practice for small to large practices.