MACRA legislation in 2015 has queued PQRS to be discontinued and MIPS to take its place in 2017. So why should a practice care about a lame-duck quality reporting program?

Dr. Dan Mingle, CEO and nationally-recognized expert on quality reporting, will give you a concise overview of PQRS and share what you need to know to avoid penalty and earn incentives for 2016 quality reporting.

Dr. Mingle will also examine common determinants of success and common risks and points of failure. Finally, he will share how PQRS efforts in 2016 will prepare you for success with MIPS, the Merit-based Incentive Payment System.

Your Host

Dr. Dan Mingle, CEO and nationally recognized Medicare quality reporting expert, has personal experience owning and operating a small group family practice. His insights into the many problems that plague our healthcare system led him on a quest to innovate a better-functioning submission practice for small to large practices.

Recorded Date

This session was original presented on June 8, 2016

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