As most MIPS participants know, the Cost Category is complex and full of variables. This complexity can make eligibility, scoring, and measure types tough to understand.

And, unlike the other categories in the MIPS program, CMS has not scored Cost for several years.

If you've wondered how the Cost Category works, when specific measures apply to your organization, and what kind of impact Cost can have on your overall MIPS score, this presentation is for you.

This session is presented by Brigid Whitney-Gallagher, a manager of the Client Services department here at Mingle Health.

During the 15-minute video, Brigid will help you understand the following:

  • The basics of the Cost Category
  • The different types of Cost measures
  • Scoring of Cost measures and the Cost category in general
  • Determining eligibility for Cost measures
  • And she'll provide a detailed walkthrough of several Cost measure specifications

Additionally, you'll gain access to the Cost Advisor Tool. If you're a Mingle Health customer, your consultant can guide you in using this tool to understand your organization's eligibility for specific Cost measures.

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