This year brings a new set of challenges and obstacles to success with MIPS as the performance threshold increases to 75 points. 

With an increased point threshold and an increased risk for penalties, you may be wondering: "Is it even possible for my organization to succeed in MIPS this year?" 

Watch this recorded webinar - "The Hardest Year Yet: Your MIPS Success in 2022" - where Dr. Dan Mingle explains how your organization can rise to the challenge of increased MIPS difficulty this year. 

In this webinar, originally presented on April 28th, 2022 we cover: 

  • Changes to MIPS in 2022 
  • Challenges you'll likely face in the program this year 
  • Steps you can take today to increase your chances of success 
  • How a tailored strategy can help your organization thrive 

We've designed this webinar to be your "Starter Guide" for MIPS in 2022. As we enter the toughest year of the program, success will require organizations to adopt a proactive approach to the challenges that may arise. 

A partnership with Mingle Health means that your organization doesn't have to navigate MIPS in the dark. We're here to help you every step of the way with technology, expert consulting, and years of experience in the MIPS program. 

Your Host

Dr. Dan Mingle, executive chairman and nationally recognized Medicare quality reporting expert. He is a family physician with private, group, and academic practice experience. His insights into the many problems that plague our healthcare system led him on a quest to help practices of all sizes master their data for value-based care success.

Recorded Date

This session was original presented on April 28, 2022



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