Considering an APM? Already participating in a program like Primary Care First (PCF)?

You're invited to join Roxanne Thacker, Mingle Health VP of Clinical Services, to learn about tools to increase your payments by focusing on patient attribution. The free session will be Wednesday, July 28th from 12pm - 1pm ET.

Roxanne will present a case study featuring Primary Care House Calls, a primary care practice in Florida. Do you know what surprised them? They knew they were caring for hundreds of patients who didn't show up on the CMS attribution report.

Through a focused effort, the practice partnered with Mingle Health to boost their attributed patients. The result? They increased their payments by more than 80%.

Here’s what Roxanne will cover:

  • Primary Care First APM payments
  • Case Study: Primary Care House Calls
  • Tools to maximize attribution
  • Your questions!

Mingle Health is proud to offer Qualified Registry and Advisory services for Primary Care First: Learn more here. Ask us how a practice coach from Mingle Health will help you boost your attribution and succeed with PCF. Contact us >>

Your Host

Roxanne Thacker, PharmD, BCACP, is the VP of Managed Clinical Services. She has been implementing care management programs for more than 13 years. As a clinical pharmacist, she brings decades of experience to each patient.

Recorded Date

This session was original presented on July 28, 2021



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