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Primary Care First is an exciting new payment model from CMS that began in 2021. In total, more than 3,000 practices are participating in the innovation program.

Let us help you succeed with the exciting new PCF payment model and maximize your payments to power the advanced delivery of primary care.

Our team will work to help you understand the program, meet reporting requirements, and maximize your bonus potential. We help you focus on what matters to:

  • navigate program requirements
  • boost attribution
  • increase your PCF payments

Advanced Primary Care

Mingle Health brings you program expertise easy-to-use technology to help you succeed in the advanced delivery of primary care.

Combined with our advisory services, our preventive medicine platform, Check™, helps you easily manage your patients to:

  • See which patients are attributed to your practice in PCF
  • Know which patients eligible for an annual wellness visit
  • Run your care management program
  • and more!

Increase Your PCF Payments.

Here’s how our solutions and consultative services will help your organization:​

  • Boost attribution and PCF payments
  • Experts to guide you in preparing for the program
  • Track Advanced Care Plan (ACP) Measure
  • CMS Qualified Registry to Track Quality Scores and Measure Performance​
  • Maximize bonus potential under CMS Primary Care First

Talk to a Mingle expert today to maximize your success.

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Guide you to PCF Success

Mingle Health is ready to be your partner for PCF success. Our team, led by Roxanne Thacker, Director of Clinical Services, will guide you through program requirements and help you analyze program data to maximize your PCF payments.

We’ve prepared resources to help you learn about this exciting program:

Is Primary Care First a good fit for your organization?

Case Study: Boosting Attribution by 97%

In this case study, you’ll learn about Primary Care House Calls and their struggle to get paid for the patients in their care.

After 6 months, they were able to increase their attribution and APM payments by 82% under Primary Care First. After a year, they boosted attribution by 97%.

Read the Case Study
Our friendly team is standing by to introduce you to our solutions and answer your questions.
Our clients trust us.
“From the outset, Mingle has been extremely patient, cooperative and understanding while clearly demonstrating high competency. Mingle has been very responsive to any questions that have been addressed. The staff at Mingle has been enthusiastically engaged with us even prior to the finalization of our Master Services Agreement. I have been more than pleased with their professionalism and attentiveness.”
Jeffrey at Mercy Health
“I could not be more excited about the improvement we have been able to see with Mingle’s support team. We will be more secure financially as a business and we are providing better care to patients. We worried the PCF program would not benefit us with the limited attribution projected in September – but the higher patient counts will allow us to participate without concern!”
Mary Ann Crumlish, Owner, PA at Primary Care House Calls
“Mingle Health is there with you every step of the way. They provide outstanding education and customer service. They help you find each measure that fits your practice and they make sure you know what you are reporting on. We will definitely be using them for our MIPS submission.”
Danyle Conner CCS-P, CPC, RHIT, Business Manager, Four Corners Radiology Associates
“The timeliness, knowledge, and eagerness to help by the Mingle Health staff was quite superior.”
John Nestor, Ph. D., Executive Director/Clinical Director, Behavioral Health Physician Services, LLC
“The ease of your website and the fantastic customer service and guidance I received from your staff was one of the best parts of our experience with Mingle Health. A special thanks and acknowledgment to our Consultant who has been with us every step of the way. Her insight and support took the stress out of successfully completing the process for the past 2 years. Looking forward to 2017 and MIPS with less trepidation knowing you will be in our corner.”
Kim Palmer, Office Manager, Ouch, PA
“I am totally pleased with the assistance I received from Mingle Health regarding PQRS data collection and submission. I doubt I would have attested without your help. I look forward to working with Mingle through the whole MIPS / MACRA process. I don't want to understand the whole program; I trust Mingle to analyze my practice and show me how to simply gather the data necessary. I'm relieved that Mingle handles the submission only after making sure that my information is complete.”
Jenny Versnik, Office Manager, Mario E. Carbonell, MD PA
“Service, service, and service of each and every employee of Mingle Health. The professionalism I have received over the years surpasses all of my expectations!”
Lisa Giles, Office Manager, David W. Hodo MD, PA
“The program is very user-friendly. My Consultant was there the whole time to be sure I had no worries or problems with the process. I will surely use Mingle Health again.”
Joanne Flint, Office Manager, North Valley Surgical Associates, PC/Arizona Preferred Surgeons
“Mingle Health has assisted me in quality reporting for the past 3 years. Not only have I been successful, but I have learned how to streamline the process and provide efficient and accurate information. My Consultant is wonderful and a joy to work with!”
Delia Cogdill, Clinical Manager, Looks, PA
“I had a great contact person who worked with me step-by-step. It really took a lot of pressure off me. Her knowledge and patience were awesome.”
Lisa Eavenson, Office Manager, Wellness First PC
“My representative was EXTREMELY helpful in making sure that I was able to meet the necessary measures needed for my submission. He has been great to work with the past two years in submitting data. The ease of the program is also very helpful.”
Tony Hanula, Practice Administrator, Radiologic Consultants, Ltd

Primary Care First: Is the new model a good fit for your practice?

This webinar will introduce you to the exciting new PCF payment model based on CPC+

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