Our Story

Mingle Health is focused on improving the delivery of value-based healthcare to create better patient outcomes by simplifying data collection, quality reporting, and preventive care through a comprehensive, end-to-end quality-improvement platform.

Our data-driven software solutions are designed to give providers tools to identify and solve common healthcare challenges related to preventive medicine, disease management, practice efficiency, patient transitions, and quality reporting.

Mingle Health helps providers and practices improve care, lower costs, and increase earnings, ultimately transforming operations to increase the joy and profitability in the practice of medicine.

Meet the Mingle HealthExecutive Team

Dan Mingle, M.D. Executive Chairman
I am excited about this opportunity to blend what I know about healthcare practice, healthcare business and healthcare IT into a set of products and services that help our healthcare systems thrive.
Mingle Welcomes Industry Partners

Your organization has thrived by providing superior solutions to your customers’ needs – all backed by stellar customer support. As a Mingle partner, you’ll delight your customers and attract new business by delivering best-in-class Medicare quality reporting solutions.