With increasing penalties, most medical professionals regard Medicare’s PQRS (Physician Quality Reporting System) as cumbersome and complicated, but ultimately necessary.

We ease the burden of reporting.
And that’s just one of the reasons you should consider making Mingle Health your trusted Medicare PQRS Registry.

  1. Avoid penalties. Eligible professionals who do not make a qualifying annual submission for PQRS will be subject to negative payment adjustments of 4% or higher. We make sure you have a successful submission.
  2. Success rate.Our submission success rate is higher than 99%. We guide you step-by-step to put together the best submission for your practice and providers.
  3. Simple to use tools. Our Submission Dashboard helps you track your progress for your PQRS submission. Use our built-in tools to select measures and generate performance reports. Research eligibility specifications for each PQRS measure in the Document Library. We can even convert your claims submission to a qualifying PQRS Registry submission to dramatically increase the likelihood of success.
  4. Personal touch. We not only ease the burden of your PQRS reporting, we do so with a hands-on personal touch, giving you confidence that your submission is being prepared by trusted team members with the utmost competence and care.
  5. Industry pioneers. Founder and CEO Dr. Dan Mingle is a pioneer in the ever-evolving field of PQRS and quality reporting. A longtime family-practice physician, he shifted his focus mid-career to discovering data-driven solutions to improve medical practices and the entire health care system. Now Mingle Health is a fast-growing industry leader.


Contact Mingle Health today to talk about how PQRS Solutions™ can help you streamline your Medicare quality reporting chores.
When you register we help you:

  • Estimate your potential payment adjustments.
  • Decide which measures to report based on:
    • Measures you are eligible to report.
    • Measures most relevant to your specialty.
    • Measures that are easiest to report (fewest chart abstractions or ease of EHR data extraction)
    • Measures that will give you the best performance–based on your actual data.


Finally, you decide when you are ready to submit:

  • Choose your measures
  • Extract and input your data
  • Review your reporting and performance calculations

To get started, contact a PQRS Consultant today.

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