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New Feature: Quality Measure Management for MIPS Success

Does your practice struggle with capturing MIPS measure performance? You’re not alone.

Here at Mingle Health, we have a solution.

Our mission is to help you improve what matters while saving you time and increasing your quality scores and earnings. We’re excited to share with you our new Quality Measure Management™ tool (QMM) to help you streamline the MIPS data capture process.

Too often, measure performance has to be captured manually on spreadsheets for too many of our MIPS Solutions® customers. This can be a daunting and time-consuming exercise. Even though we provide a template and patient list, it still takes critical time away from patients to go back and gather clinical performance data every six months, or for the entire year.

There is a better way

With our new QMM tool, you will be able to proactively capture measure performance directly after the patient visit, or develop a daily, weekly, or monthly workflow in your practice to capture MIPS measure performance.

In addition, the new tool gives you alerts and reminders about measure requirements. Don’t find out after the fact that you didn’t do what was supposed to be done. The information provided is what is typically provided in the Mingle Health Performance Guides. Now, you’ll have access to that information proactively in an easy-to-use tool.

Our QMM tool allows you to take ownership of your quality performance and focus on measures that make sense for your practice and your patients. There is no need to feel limited by what your EHR supports or what data is easy to extract.

Here’s a sample workflow

A patient Mary MIPS is scheduled to visit the office. The Quality Measure Management tool shows you a list of suggested measure attestations that can be logged with her visit with easily accessible information about measure requirements.

Three-click documentation. After Mary’s visit, the Medical Assistant clicks “Attest” and attests to activities performed during the visit. It’s a three-click process and anyone in the office can do it, no detailed measure training needed.

At the end of the week (or whenever fits your workflow best), the practice staff can pull up a list of measure attestations needed for capturing measure performance.

After capturing measure performance, the practice can view their performance to-date on the Quality Measure Management Dashboard.

Quality Measure Management is included with our new MIPS Solutions Subscription. Current customers can receive early access to the tool today to begin capturing their 2019 MIPS measure performance. Want to learn more about the tool? Ask your Mingle Consultant about QMM.

Want to see the tool in action? Join us for a webinar where we’ll demo the new tool and answer all your questions! RSVP here.

Don’t spend hours on performance spreadsheets catching up on six months to a year of documentation. Incorporate our QMM tool into the point of care, or your daily, weekly, or monthly workflow. Let us save you time while streamlining your MIPS measure attestation to ultimately increase your MIPS scores and quality earnings.

Have questions? Share them in the comments or Contact Us. We’re excited to share this new tool with you!


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Mingle Experts provide a sneak peek at the Quality Measure Management Tool for MIPS success!

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