Which patients do you worry about the most?

They frequently miss appointments; their diabetes and blood pressure are rarely controlled. They have been to the Emergency Department, again.

We help manage your patient’s care in between their visits with you.

Worry no more

Choose Mingle Health as your CCM partner; hire our expert clinical team to be an extension of your practice to manage your patients with multiple chronic conditions. CMS has recognized the benefits of care management for your patients with chronic conditions and there are new CPT codes to pay for that care. Care management helps your patients take better care of themselves—so you can stop worrying!

When you decide to offer CCM to your patients, Mingle Health takes the burden off you and your existing staff and provides that service to your patients, following your care plan and documenting in your EHR, so you never lose touch.

How it works

Tell us you want to offer Chronic Care Management to your patients.

We’ll identify those who meet Medicare criteria for reimbursement and enroll them in the program (you can choose additional patients you’d like to include, too).

Once enrolled, we’ll work with you to create a care plan for each patient by calling them throughout each month to check in on their progress with diabetes control, blood pressure monitoring, scheduling appointments, arranging transportation etc.

Each contact we have with your patient will be documented in your EHR according to your documentation protocols, so you never lose track of what is happening, and we will let you know if the patient needs to be seen, before there is a crisis.

Worry no more.

We are your CCM partner.

CMS now pays for chronic care management and Mingle Health’s team is ready to assist you in caring for your patients.

  • No need to add or train staff to benefit from CCM
  • Hire our expert clinical team to manage your patients with multiple chronic conditions
  • We call your patients every month as an extension of your practice
  • Watch your quality metrics improve
  • Add revenue to your practice

At Mingle Health, we combine tools with expert consulting to help you navigate the ever-changing regulatory environment and succeed with value-based care delivery. Contact us today to talk about how our solutions can help you streamline your practice and improve earnings.

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