Understand your patient’s health

The Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is an underutilized reimbursable service from Medicare that helps providers gain a clear picture of the current state of a patients’ health and create a care plan for improved outcomes.

One part of the AWV is the Health Risk Assessment (HRA). The HRA can be a time-consuming portion of the Annual Wellness Visit.

Ideally, the HRA is a form filled out by the patient, prior to the visit, so that valuable provider time is not taken up with asking questions and recording answers. Yet we all know it can be hard to get patients to come to a visit prepared.

An extension of your practice

Mingle Health will contact the patient by phone, prior to the scheduled visit, complete the HRA with them, and enter the results in your EHR.

That way when the AWV is scheduled, all your staff needs to do is take vitals, review the HRA and generate a care plan.

Streamline care plans

Care Plan? We help with that too. Included in the HRA service is a subscription to Check Practice Performance Solutions.

Check is a software platform that makes collecting HRA and other assessments easy. Based on the results of the HRA and other portions of the AWV, it will automatically generate a Care Plan that provides all the necessary components to help patients become proactive in their health care and follow up with their preventive care.

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The AWV is underutilized; let us help you gain a clear picture of your patient’s health.

Partner with the Mingle Health team to provide Health Risk Assessment (HRA) services.

  • Bring preventive health services to your patients with minimal staff time
  • Mingle Health team performs HRA prior to visit
  • Gain understanding into your patients’ health
  • Easily create a care plan for improved outcomes
  • Save time for your patients and staff
  • Increase earnings through reimbursement from Medicare

At Mingle Health, we combine tools with expert consulting to help you navigate the ever-changing regulatory environment and succeed with value-based care delivery. Contact us today to talk about how our solutions can help you streamline your practice and improve earnings.

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