At Mingle Health, we believe medical practices function most effectively when these four quadrants of the health care equation are in perfect balance:

  • Practice Vitality
  • Patient Access
  • Quality
  • Cost

That’s why we’ve developed innovative strategies to help practices move evenly in all four directions in a systematic and balanced effort.

Our CEO, Dr. Daniel Mingle, is a seasoned family physician who shifted gears mid-career to specialize in leveraging healthcare informatics to help individual practices and large medical organizations thrive.

Named one of Healthcare Informatics magazine’s “Innovators of the Year” in 2008, he has become a nationally recognized expert at helping practices adopt data-driven decision-making to become more patient-centered, while improving productivity, reducing cost, and increasing revenue. Dr. Mingle also helps healthcare networks implement tools and processes to become more accountable, patient-centered and integrated.


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Mingle Welcomes Industry Partners

Partnership opportunities offer many benefits to medical associations and healthcare vendors including billing companies and EHRs who trust us to provide quality reporting solutions for their clients.

Partnership Opportunities

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