MUSE™ Collaborative

Our new MUSE™ Collaborative helps practices prepare for and excel at upcoming changes to the healthcare reporting landscape. MUSE stands for Mingle Health’ MIPS, Meaningful Use and Specialized-Registry Exemplar Collaborative. It is a mutually beneficial program to help practices navigate optimal compliance with MIPS (Merit-Based Payment Incentive System), the new Medicare physician reimbursement program set to begin in 2019.

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Custom File Processing

Sometimes it's hard to get exactly what you need from your EHR or billing system to report your quality data. Let us help by taking what you have and making it work.

File Processing Services
Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services team for MIPS is led by CEO Dr. Dan Mingle, a nationally recognized expert in the business and practice of medicine. We specialize in enabling clients to improve practice workflow through the most effective utilization of electronic health records (EHR) and quality performance metrics.

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Optimizing Performance

Optimizing performance is a key focus at Mingle Health. We help you unlock your data to understand your risk for penalties and assess how you will fare under anticipated new guidelines for Quality Tiering and MIPS. We guide you every step of the way to choose the measures that optimize your performance, and we generate an analysis of your performance metrics based on our benchmarking services.

Performance Optimization Solutions
Mingle Welcomes Industry Partners

Partnership opportunities offer many benefits to medical associations and healthcare vendors including billing companies and EHRs who trust us to provide quality reporting solutions for their clients.

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