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Announcing the MUSE Collaborative for Specialized Registry Reporting

Are you looking for a Specialized Registry for Meaningful Use? Are you interested in forming a QCDR? Do you want to succeed with MIPS?

Introducing the Mingle Health MIPS, Meaningful Use, and Specialized Registry Exemplar (MUSE)™ Collaborative, a mutually beneficial program to help practices excel in the evolving environment of healthcare transformation.

By joining the MUSE Collaborative, you will be able to meet the CMS requirements for active engagement with a Specialized Registry for Meaningful Use.

You are invited to become a member of the MUSE Collaborative.

What’s required to take advantage of Specialized Registry reporting with Mingle Health?

  1. Enter into a non-binding agreement, at no-cost until inception, with Mingle Health by February 29, 2016, indicating intent to report to the Mingle Health Specialized Registry
  2. Establish automated data flow to Mingle Health data repository
  3. Provision of technical resources to maintain and expand data flow as clinical resource to monitor and adjust measure selection and performance levels

In addition to offering a Specialized Registry, the MUSE Collaborative will work to achieve Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) status for one or more registries. As a member of the Collaborative, you will have the opportunity to help establish measure specifics for the QCDR(s).

Finally, the collaborative will provide participants with tools and processes to excel in the Medicare Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) including understanding the MIPS process, risks, opportunities and implications for each practice.

Succeed with MIPS and the Quality Payment Program

Dr. Dan Mingle shares key changes and strategies for success in 2020 for MIPS.

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