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Four good reasons why GPRO registry is still a good idea in 2014

One:  There is a lot of money at stake and we want you to be successful with both MU and PQRS.

PQRS:  The GPRO Registry method is the most solid, reliable, and cost-effective method there is for PQRS submission.  We know when we submit your data that it is going to be successful.

Meaningful Use:  Attestation is easy, cheap, and reliable.  When you enter the data, you know what you entered, you know that it will be understood, and you know you will be successful.  As long as Medicare continues to accept this data entry method, we think this is your best chance of earning your incentive dollars and avoiding the penalties.

Two: There are a wide selection of measures available to choose from. You can choose measures that are meaningful to your specialty and measures for which the data is easily accessible to you. Data can come from a manual chart audit or extraction from the EHR. You are not limited to the 64 Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs).

Three: Submission of Meaningful Use CQMs via a QRDA Level I or QRDA Level III is still an unperfected process. The QRDA process is an overly technical, highly complex process with lots of potential and unpredictable failure points.  In addition, this year CMS has ceded control of the program over to the ONC which puts the whole program under new management and in transition.  Using these methods puts your data in a “Black Box” without confidence in the outcome.  You will not know if you were successful until the technical analysis is complete six months or more after submission.

Four: Submission of CQMs via QRDA Level I requires that you submit patient-level protected health information (PHI) which many of our patients may find objectionable.

MIPS and ACO Reporting under the Quality Payment Program

Dr. Dan Mingle and members of the team share their insights on how to maximize your success and payments for MIPS and APMs.

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