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In Search of Value: Interview with Jason Schucker, “Unlocking Your Data”

In our new series, “In Search of Value,” we’re spending time with clinicians, leaders, and even patients, who make up our healthcare system and are central to the transition to value-based care.

I had the opportunity to speak with Jason Schucker, Senior Healthcare Informatics Analyst here at Mingle Health. Jason began his career as a pharmacist. His knack for data and passion for improving patient outcomes guides him in helping our most complex customers understand their data and close clinical care gaps. He serves as an expert to our team and customers on the intersection of data, clinical guidelines, and technology.

We talked about unlocking healthcare data and common challenges faced by organizations for MIPS and ACO reporting and value management. Jason is a key resource who will be supporting our ACO clients in the transition to the APM Performance Pathway (APP) both hands-on and behind the scenes. Here are a few takeaways from the conversation:

  • Clinicians don’t always have access to the data driving quality measurement
  • EHRs often are not certified for all desired measures and require specific workflows
  • Driving quality improvement is a collaborative process
  • There are significant benefits to looking at data holistically across the organization to drive value-based care analytics

Watch the full interview with Jason here:


Here are a few highlights from our conversation:

EHRs, Quality Measures & the Quality Payment Program

Question: What are the challenges of trying to use your EHR to meet quality reporting requirements for programs like MIPS and the APM Performance Pathway under the Quality Payment Program?

What are you proudest of?

Question: You’ve worked at Mingle Health for nearly 6 years; what’s a project you are proudest of?

The team for Value-Based Care

Question: If you were designing an organization, is there a role you would encourage organizations to add to the team to succeed with the transition to value-based care?

Who should we interview next?

Thank you for listening. Who would you like to hear from next? Please share your feedback and ideas on the LinkedIn post or get in touch here.


MIPS and ACO Reporting under the Quality Payment Program

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