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Featured on Maine Public Radio: Mingle Health Thrives with Remote Workforce

Maine Public Radio interviewed CEO, Dr. Dan Mingle, and Director of Software Engineering, Bobbie Manson, about Mingle Health’ creative solution to attract a talented workforce in rural Maine.

“Founder Dr. Dan Mingle says when he launched Mingle Health six years ago, he knew that finding and keeping a good workforce might be a challenge,” especially since the company is headquartered in rural Maine where Dr. Mingle founded and operated his family medicine practice for 14 years.

Mingle Health has thrived by embracing a remote workforce, allowing the company to recruit the talent needed to build and deliver solutions aimed at improving the healthcare delivery system.

When asked about working remotely, Bobbie Manson replied: “I have two daughters and a son … [My husband and I] wanted to [be home to] raise the kids. We wanted to be here for them.”

The flexibility to work from home has helped Mingle Health grow to over 56 employees spread across Maine to Colorado and beyond.

Read and listen to the full story here.



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