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Healthcare Billing and Managment Association partners with PQRS Solutions by Mingle Health

HBMA has concluded an agreement with Mingle Health to provide PQRS Solutions™, a quality reporting product and service by Mingle Health, for PQRS submission success.

PQRS Solutions™ is a CMS-qualified registry with a submission success rate greater than 99% and trusted by more than 32,000 providers. The PQRS Solutions™ product and services supports data from all EHR and practice management systems. This includes an easy-to-use Submission Dashboard, which progressively walks you through each step of the process. A knowledgeable client support team assists you through every step of the submission process.


  • CMS-Qualified PQRS Registry vendor since 2012 with 99%+ success rate
  • HBMA members discount
  • Repurpose claims data for registry submission
  • Supports data from all EHR and practice management systems
  • Option to resell PQRS Solutions™ product and services to customers at your chosen price
Sign Up Procedure

Contact Mingle Health to determine the partnership that is best for you. You will be assigned a PQRS Consultant to assist you in the submission process for your customers. Ready to get started?

  • Fill out this form with your information and a PQRS Consultant will be in touch.
  • Be prepared to tell us more about your company and the number of providers you serve.
  • Make sure you have the coupon code from the HBMA MVP program for Mingle Health. remember, it’s only for HBMA members.
About Mingle Health

Mingle Health has enjoyed virtually 100% quality reporting success since 2012. Our loyal clients often refer us to their friends because they appreciate the excellence of our product, services, and customer support. We constantly upgrade our PQRS Solutions™ product and services as the quality reporting process continues evolving. And, yes, we are hard at work preparing for the transition of PQRS into MIPS in 2017!

Have questions? Use the Live Chat feature or contact us at 888-981-8912, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.


MIPS and ACO Reporting under the Quality Payment Program

Dr. Dan Mingle and members of the team share their insights on how to maximize your success and payments for MIPS and APMs.

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