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PQRS for 2014

It’s our biggest year ever at PQRS Solutions. Our volume has grown five-fold since the 2013 submission season.

Just when we thought interest was starting to subside, Medicare distributed notices to providers who would be subject to the payment adjustment (penalty) in 2015.  These are the first PQRS payment adjustments ever and they have caught many providers unaware and unprepared.  The notices have resulted in a dramatic increase in interest in 2014 PQRS submissions.

We want to help as many of you as we can and are instituting a set of actions we call “PQRS Rescue 2014”

Actions under “PQRS Rescue 2014:”

We are taking steps to increase our capacity and remain open to new clients through early March. The deadline for submission of 2014 data is March 31, 2015.

We are accepting new clients only through our Contact Us form and asking for more information up front to help us to:

  • Plan and pace our growth
  • Triage to be able to commit first to those who will benefit most.
  • More efficiently integrate new clients

We will continue to take on clients as we are confident that we can complete the work accurately and on time.

Even if we are not able to help you with a 2014 submission, it is not too early to commit for 2015 submission to avoid the 2017 Payment adjustment.

Considering changes in the PQRS and Value Based Modifier programs, failure to submit for 2015 could result in penalties as high as 6% of your Medicare book-of-business.

About the 2015 Payment Adjustment Letters

If you were our client in 2013 and we were able to make a submission for you, send us the letter you received from Medicare and we will research it.

If you were not our client for a 2013 submission:

  • There is nothing we can do to stop the 2015 payment adjustment.
  • You might try an informal appeal to Medicare. The QualityNet help desk can guide you through the process.  Appeals have to be filed before the end of February, 2015.  You are more likely to be successful in your appeal if you made an attempt to submit in 2013. Contact: QNetSupport Help:

Daniel B. Mingle, MD CEO

MIPS and ACO Reporting under the Quality Payment Program

Dr. Dan Mingle and members of the team share their insights on how to maximize your success and payments for MIPS and APMs.

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