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Why is GPRO more important than ever for PQRS quality reporting success?

GPRO is the group practice reporting option. Group, individual, measure group, confusing I know. Let’s start with an overview of reporting options.

Participating in PQRS as individual providers means that you can report using a Measure Group or Individual Measures.

A Measure group is a group of individual measures related by a common theme or disease. If you use a Measure Group, you report on just 20 patients that are eligible for the Measure Group.

If you use individual measures, you must select nine measures, in three domains, and report on 50% of all patients eligible for the measure. Because one of the measures must be a cross-cutting measure, applicable to almost all patients seen, using individual measures can be a significant burden–because you must choose measures that fit the rules for each individual provider, and report on 50% of the eligible patients for each provider.

For a small group of providers, reporting individually makes a lot of sense and is a manageable level-of-effort, especially, if they can use a Measure Group. Not every specialist will have an applicable Measure Group. And even if there is a measure group for all providers, reporting on 20 patients per provider can add up if it is a large group.

So, depending on the make-up of your practice (size, specialty), finding nine meaningful measures for each provider can be challenging.

Reporting as a group, using the Group Practice Reporting Option (GPRO) allows you to select just nine measures, in three domains, for the entire group rather than selecting measures for each individual provider. You report on 50% of the eligible patients for the measure, regardless of who saw the patient. And, you cannot use a Measure Group to report as a Group.

If any of these situations apply, GPRO Registry is probably the way to go:

  • Your group has more than 10 providers.
  • The individual providers are in a specialty that doesn’t have a suitable Measure Group.
  • You have a multi-specialty practice.

Finding a submission method that eases the burden of reporting and makes sure that all your providers make a submission is more important than ever with the Value-Based Modifier.

With one GPRO submission, you qualify ALL your providers to avoid the PQRS penalty AND avoid the Value-Based Modifier. Without GPRO, you have to be sure that at least 50% of your providers participate in PQRS or be subject to up a 4% penalty under the Value-Based Modifier.

Other than Measure Groups for small practices, we believe that GPRO Registry is the most reliable, cost-effective method that eases the burden of reporting for PQRS.

The 2016 deadline to register for GPRO with CMS is June 30, 2016. Learn more by visiting the CMS PQRS GPRO Registration site. You may register in the CMS portal with a valid Enterprise Identity Management (EIDM) account.

Have you considered or had success with GPRO? Please share your questions and experience in the comments.

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