Our experienced EHR consulting team possesses the expertise to meet each client’s needs when it comes to optimization of electronic health records.

A sampling of recent Mingle Health projects helps illustrate our many and varied capabilities.

Custom Data Extraction: We help you design data extraction processes and enable continuous data flow from your EHR or practice management system.

Custom EHR Data Interface Design: With a range of options available for EHR data interface, we help you create a custom program that works best for your organization, fully taking into account a range of specific EHR functions and all of the factors related to usability, security, quality, efficiency and more.

EHR Support Structure: With EHR being rolled out in a physician group at the rate of one practice per week and EHR migrations at an all-time high, we redesigned one client’s support structure to cut the implementation time from 26 weeks to 14 with the same number of staffers.

EHR Decision Support: By configuring and standardizing the multitude of options available in the EHR, we cut out time-wasting processes and streamlined decision support.

Governance Design: Physicians bring special insights to the table when they are included in decision-making. We’ve designed an approach to physician governance that optimizes physician input and leadership.

Data Migration: We are highly skilled at migrating all data from one EHR system to another with no loss of data.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to talk about how we can put our deep experience with EHR implementation and optimization to work for you.

Mingle Welcomes Industry Partners

Partnership opportunities offer many benefits to medical associations and healthcare vendors including billing companies and EHRs who trust us to provide quality reporting solutions for their clients.

Partnership Opportunities

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