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Our expert team is highly skilled at helping you navigate all the complexities of EHR — from selecting to optimizing an electronic health records system.

For those organizations that are switching to EHR, we don’t just replace paper with electronic records. We look at the whole practice — sharing our deep understanding of how EHR can create new efficiencies, while anticipating and overcoming any potential stumbling blocks that stand in the way of optimal EHR implementation.

Standardize, Simplify, Integrate and Involve

Recognizing that switching to electronic health records (or optimizing your existing EHR system) means change for everyone, we’ve developed a winning, four-pronged strategy for creating seamless transitions.

Our approach is to:

  • Standardize
  • Simplify
  • Integrate
  • Involve

We pull together and organize all of the people, processes and technology that intersect in a physician’s office, and that includes the physicians themselves as EHR leaders.

Our innovative, proven EHR strategies help you:

  • Get EHR up and running without loss of productivity
  • Boost your productivity and revenue after go-live
  • Earn eligibility for Meaningful Use incentive payments
  • Establish data flows for specialized registry and quality reporting

We apply practice-based experience in meeting the needs of providers and practices for improved EHR efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, we will serve as a Specialized Registry for Meaningful Use and offer custom consulting to help providers fulfill requirements and earn incentives under EHR Meaningful Use programs.

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Avoiding Medicare Penalties and the 2016 Final Rule

Dr. Dan Mingle, a nationally recognized expert on PQRS, analyzes the key changes in the 2016 Final Rule as they relate to PQRS — giving you a concise overview of this complex program and how you can prepare for the final year of PQRS.

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