A learning community of healthcare providers focused on sharing strategies to succeed with value-based programs.

Healthcare is steadily moving towards a payment model based on “performance” rather than “volume.” This movement comes with a complex set of rules that healthcare organizations have to follow to be successful in the evolving value-based programs.

Healthcare organizations are looking for information, ideas, and guidance to help them succeed. Among the most trusted sources of inspiration and expertise are fellow practitioners and healthcare organizations.

Join the MUSE Collaborative to have access to a learning community of your peers and colleagues, guided and facilitated by Mingle Health experts.

What’s included in Membership?

Why join the MUSE Collaborative?

  • Gain knowledge from your colleagues by participating in a learning community to share challenges and strategies for success with value-based programs including MIPS.
  • Improve your MIPS score by sharing best practices and improving performance by leveraging data to identify high- and low-performing areas in every member practice.
  • Increase your Medicare payments as your participation in MUSE translates to improved scores under MIPS and success with the Quality Payment Program.

By joining the MUSE Collaborative, you will have access to a learning community of your peers and colleagues, guided and facilitated by Mingle Health experts to succeed with the Quality Payment Program and value-based programs.

Join the MUSE Collaborative

Leadership of the MUSE Collaborative

Mingle Health is the host and facilitator for MUSE with input from the MUSE Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is a group of volunteers representing MUSE members. As a MUSE member, you’ll have access to Mingle’s team of experts including Dr. Neil Korsen, Medical Director of the MUSE Collaborative, and CEO, Dr. Dan Mingle.

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Mingle Welcomes Industry Partners

Partnership opportunities offer many benefits to medical associations and healthcare vendors including billing companies and EHRs who trust us to provide quality reporting solutions for their clients.

Partnership Opportunities

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