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It’s not too late to avoid a MIPS penalty!

*CMS has extended the MIPS 2017 Data Submission Deadline from March 31st to April 3rd. Mingle Health will continue to take new clients up until the deadline, however, it is critical to take action now if you have not successfully completed your 2017 MIPS submission.*

The first performance year of MIPS is over, but it is not too late to submit 2017 data to avoid the 2019 penalty.

Mingle Health has your solution for avoiding the 4% penalty and protecting your income – MIPS Solutions™ Essentials Edition.

In 2017, Eligible Clinicians can succeed in MIPS and avoid a penalty by earning just 3 points towards their Final Score. These 3 points can be earned by completing one of the following options:

  • One Quality Measure
  • ACI Base Measures
  • IA Attestation

Get started now with MIPS Solutions™ by Mingle Health

Avoid the 4% MIPS Penalty

For the 2017 MIPS performance year, the average physician as an Eligible Clinician stands to lose an estimated $7,500 due to the 4% penalty that will be applied to Medicare Part B reimbursements in 2019 for not successfully reporting. This can have a large impact on your bottom line.

Registry submissions must be complete by April 3, 2018. As the submission deadline quickly approaches, it’s important to act now if you want to protect your income. Mingle accepts as many clients as possible up until the deadline based on service capacity – sign up now to ensure your success (Read our complete list of Mingle Health and Quality Payment Program deadlines here).

Whats at Stake?

A Solution you can trust

With MIPS Solutions™ Essentials Edition, our user-friendly tools will streamline your MIPS reporting process and a knowledgeable Mingle Consultant will guide you to submission success.

Regardless of your practice size, specialty, or past Medicare quality reporting experience, MIPS Solutions™ Essentials Edition is the most cost-effective way to participate in MIPS and avoid a 4% negative adjustment on your 2019 Medicare Part B reimbursements.

By choosing the Essentials Edition, you’ll report the minimal amount of data required by Medicare, allowing you to complete your submission in as little as one day.

Learn more about how MIPS Solutions™ Essentials Edition can help you succeed with MIPS

Looking for step-by-step instructions? Watch our video guide for MIPS Solutions Essentials Edition. Create your user account (no-commitment to purchase) with Mingle Health and then navigate to “Guide to Completing your MIPS Reporting with Essentials Edition.”

Did you know? Mingle Health is a top-rated registry by Black Book and was #1 for Group Reporting based on the latest CMS Experience Report. You can trust your submission will be prepared with the utmost competence and care.

Don’t Delay – Important Deadlines Approaching

Don’t delay your 2017 MIPS submission any longer. Learn more about MIPS Solutions™ Essentials Edition, your best option for a successful late-season submission.

Worried about missing important quality reporting deadlines? Here’s a list to help keep you on track to submission success

Protect Your Income with MIPS Solutions™ Essentials Edition

Your most cost-effective solution for avoiding the 4% penalty and succeeding with MIPS.

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