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Interview: Roxanne Thacker on curiosity, improving healthcare, and Primary Care First

I’m excited to share an interview with Roxanne Thacker, VP of Managed Clinical Services here at Mingle Health. This is part of “In Search of Value,” a series of interviews exploring the transition to value-based care. I’m also thrilled to be joined by my co-host: Alysen Casaccio, VP of Client Services here at Mingle Health. We’ll be inviting guests to have a conversation about what value-based care means to them, their experience, and wishes for the future of healthcare.

Without further delay, please enjoy our conversation with Roxanne.

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About Roxanne

Roxanne began her career as a pharmacist, and she’s served in many roles gaining more than 15 years of experience in care management. She is always focused on finding better ways to measure success and quality while improving patient outcomes.

At Mingle Health, Roxanne’s work focuses on helping practices find success in the Primary Care First program, improving practice workflows with the Check platform, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of care management efforts, and helping organizations improve their overall quality of care. She serves as the VP for Managed Clinical Services at Mingle Health.


A great moment in our interview with Roxanne is when she shares how proud she is of her work in helping organizations increase performance in Annual Wellness Visits. Roxanne shared that her daily work with practices across the country enables her to approach AWV challenges in any organization with a fresh perspective. This allows her to recognize common trends and create strategies to help practices improve:

“I’m a neutral party – I don’t know what’s worked, I don’t know what hasn’t worked [for your practice] – but we can talk about different things I’m seeing across the whole nation worth of practices.”

Roxanne’s work in helping organizations improve AWV performance has a direct impact on proactively caring for patients and practice performance in value-based care programs.

Another highlight, Roxanne shared a recent success story from her team’s work in Care Management. At one of the organizations Roxanne supports, a Care Manager got in touch with a patient who struggled with mobility challenges.

“The patient was really struggling because her husband couldn’t get her all of the care that she needed – she needed a wheelchair, and she needed a walker, and she needed a way to get them in and out of her car.”

After understanding that this patient was unsuccessful in finding the necessary equipment to help with these challenges, the Care Manager made a few phone calls to get the equipment and solve the problem for the patient. Roxanne’s thoughts on the impact of this interaction are worth sharing:

“…while that doesn’t seem hugely impactful across the thousands of patients that we see, to that sweet lady, it sure meant a lot.”

This is a theme that ran through our entire conversation with Roxanne: the idea that while the healthcare system is complex and filled with challenges, we can all work inside our sphere of influence to improve the situation around us.

Our conversation with Roxanne is full of helpful insight into the healthcare system, but here are some additional moments I’d invite you to listen to:

  • Roxanne shared the advice that she was given early in her career: “Always stay curious”, and how this advice helps her in her work and life.
  • She expressed what value-based care means to her and how we must ensure we’re investing resources where it makes the most sense.
  • We discussed what she considers to be the biggest challenge in healthcare right now, and how to overcome that challenge by improving our own spheres: “If I made a difference to you today, did that change healthcare?”
  • We explored how Primary Care First seems to be a bright spot in the transition to value-based care. Primary Care First, along with the implementation of Annual Wellness Visits, allows providers to step back from the acute issues a patient might have to gain a broader understanding of patient health.

Thank you for joining us for this conversation, Roxanne! P.S. If you haven’t read Roxanne’s recent blog post on HCC coding and Primary Care First, take a look here. It’s full of insights on maximizing your financial performance.

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