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Mainebiz: Navigating Medicare billing – and creating rural Maine jobs

Mingle Health was recently featured on Mainebiz in an article titled, “Navigating Medicare billing – and creating rural Maine jobs.”

With health care costs increasing and Medicare pushing further toward value-based purchasing, Mingle Health has continued to grow since being founded in 2011 by Dr. Dan Mingle—serving more than 32,000 health care providers nationwide in 2015. As of September 2016, the company now employees more than 50 people and attracts talent in part by allowing people to work from home.

Mainebiz: Medicare Billing
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John Burns, managing director of the Maine Venture Fund, says: “They have great growth potential, and I like the fact that they have successfully deployed a distributed employee model. That’s great for rural Maine.”

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Dr. Dan Mingle knew he was onto something when he founded Mingle Health in 2011. Health care costs were spiraling up, and national reimbursers like Medicare were starting to look at the quality of care they were getting for their money.

Mingle’s timing for his new company couldn’t have been better. After closing his … physician practice in 1998 and then moving into information technology jobs, including as director of clinical informatics at MaineGeneral Medical Center, he founded Mingle Health in South Paris to help health care providers complete complicated Medicare reimbursement submission forms. The company offers fee-based consulting and software services. The forms, in turn, determine how much Medicare will reimburse the provider, with deductions made for incorrect or lacking information.

Read the full article on Mainebiz



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