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Leaving the Oncology Care Model? 3 Things You Need to Know About MIPS

The Oncology Care Model ended on June 30th. CMS will replace this program with the Enhancing Oncology Model, but not until July 2023.

Here’s a quick guide to the essential things Oncology Care Model participants need to know as they transition out of OCM and into MIPS before EOM begins in 2023.

Number One: You have to make a MIPS submission this year.

The unfortunate fact of the Oncology Care Model ending is that OCM participants will have to transfer out of the program in the middle of the year and make a MIPS submission at the end of 2022.

These practices should expect some challenges in the transfer process. To perform well in MIPS, you’ll have to establish or adjust your quality management workflows and align your processes with MIPS measure requirements.

Another challenge in the transition will be that you’ll need to report a full year’s data to make a successful MIPS submission. The OCM program ended in the middle of the year, but this won’t matter for your MIPS submission. Plan on capturing and reporting a full year’s data in your MIPS submission for 2022.

Number Two: Some Oncology Care Model measures have similar measures in MIPS.

Finally, some good news!

Measures you likely used in the Oncology Care Model have similar (or even equivalent) measures in MIPS.

You may be able to rely on these measures to guide your strategy in MIPS this year. If you’ve used these measures in the past, you may not have to rework your processes to implement these measures in MIPS.

A table of Oncology Care Model measures that have similar or equivalent measures in MIPS.

Number Three: You can still succeed in MIPS.

Organizations transferring out of the Oncology Care Model have some challenges ahead. The MIPS program is in its hardest year yet. You’ll need 75 points to avoid a penalty altogether, and there’s a ±9% range for adjustments.

So what can you do today to increase your chances of success?

You can start by working on your MIPS strategy. If you realize now that you’ll likely have to make some changes and plan for challenges as you navigate MIPs, you can save yourself from headaches later in the year.

Start learning about the MIPS program today. We have created a MIPS success guide that you can access at the bottom of this article, and our recent webinar hosted by Dr. Dan Mingle focuses on the changes and challenges in MIPS this year. You can access the webinar here: The Hardest Year Yet: Your MIPS Success in 2022.

You don’t have to navigate MIPS alone.

Mingle Health offers MIPS and APM solutions that can help you avoid penalties and find success. We provide essential tools and technology to help you understand your data and improve your performance. But we’re more than technology—our team of quality reporting experts will understand your circumstances, help you build a tailored strategy, and act as your guide in MIPS, the APM Performance Pathway, or any similar program.

Download our MIPS 2022 Success Guide

It's important to have a MIPS and quality management plan in place. We've made a guide that provides an overview of 2022 MIPS requirements and changes to help you and your organization.

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