At Mingle Health, we position you for EHR success — from selecting to optimizing your electronic health records system.

Our team of expert consultants is the best in the business at helping your organization achieve best practices and succeed in the ever-evolving climate of CMS payment reform and value-based purchasing.

CEO Dr. Dan Mingle and his team of practicing clinicians possess invaluable experience in the use of healthcare informatics, With a deep understanding of all major EHR systems and first-hand knowledge of Meaningful Use and quality reporting complexities, they can make your EHR work for you.

Drawing on practice-based experience in meeting the needs of providers and practices for improved EHR efficiency and effectiveness, our capabilities include:

  • Advanced EHR support
  • EHR decision support
  • Governance design
  • Data migration
  • Establishing data flow for Specialized Registry reporting

Let us help you standardize and simplify EHR for your practice or health system.


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Mingle Welcomes Industry Partners

Partnership opportunities offer many benefits to medical associations and healthcare vendors including billing companies and EHRs who trust us to provide quality reporting solutions for their clients.

Partnership Opportunities

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