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Watch Now: Alysen Casaccio on the role of technology in healthcare, challenges to measuring outcomes, and addressing systemic failures

In our latest episode of “In Search of Value,” I thought it would be great to interview my co-host: Alysen Casaccio.

Alysen’s experience in healthcare as a nurse, as an informaticist, and now as the VP of Client Services here at Mingle Health made her the perfect candidate to help me co-host this series.

You can watch my conversation with Alysen right here:

If you haven’t had a chance to watch any episodes from this series yet, this interview with Alysen is a great place to start. She described her journey to healthcare, spoke about her current role here at Mingle Health, and discussed value-based care and technology’s place in the changing healthcare landscape.

Alysen’s experience and journey hold great insights for anyone in healthcare, and I think you will have as much fun listening to her as I did in speaking with her.

About Alysen

Alysen’s work at Mingle Health allows her to interface with the clinicians, managers, and leaders at healthcare organizations that are implementing the transition to value-based care. This “ground level” perspective of the transition and everything it entails allows Alysen to see the challenges and opportunities in our quickly changing healthcare landscape.

Alysen is a board-certified informatics nurse with experience in Epic, Healthland, Meditech, and many other EHRs. She has specialized expertise in regulatory reporting and population health management. She’s also experienced in grant management, critical access hospitals, and individual provider requirements.

In her role, Alysen leads the client services team, ensuring providers and organizations maximize the benefit of their investment in value-based care programs and Mingle Health solutions.

During our conversation, Alysen shared her journey to healthcare. As she talked about how she found her way to her current role at Mingle Health, you could understand why her unique perspective on healthcare is valuable to her team and the clients they serve.


It was fascinating to hear Alysen talk about how she has seen technology change healthcare and how it will continue to do so in the future.

Alysen mentioned in one of her previous roles she helped the organization that she was working with implement a new EHR system. Then, she explained how she later spent time investigating “never” events and trying to find the systemic failures that cause these events in care settings.

After sharing the story of one “never” event that she investigated, Alysen shared this insight about the role of technology in care settings:

“We have to have higher visibility to be able to see, holistically, everything that is going on with the patient so we can interrupt those situations and have a better outcome.”

Alysen later re-iterated this point when I asked her how she would define Value-Based Care:

“…for me, this definition is more personal. If we can transition to a value-based care modality, it means all of our patients are safer. It means we’re getting the best outcome that we can.”

Throughout my conversation with Alysen, it was noteworthy to see the unique combination of expertise, understanding, and empathy that makes up Alysen’s perspective. She’s an expert in healthcare technology and regulatory reporting, she’s worked in a variety of settings that require learning new and different skills – but she’s never lost sight of what really matters: providing better care to patients.

Additional moments you’ll enjoy:

  • Alysen shared that in rural health settings, the implementation of value-based care can present very different challenges than in urban settings.
  • If given the opportunity to create one change overnight, Alysen would implement a magical EHR system that would work nationally. (And then she admitted that there is no perfect system to fill that role, so it would have to be “magical”).
  • Alysen gave a great example of how she and her team work with organizations to measure, report, and improve healthcare outcomes.
  • And she shared a few trends she’s watching, highlighting the “democratization of health data” – helping patients gain access to their personal data in meaningful, impactful ways.
  • Alysen shared two books that she’s currently reading and would suggest to our audience: Information Dashboard Design by Stephen Few and Uncaring: How the Culture of Medicine Kills Doctors and Patients by Robert Pearl.

Thank you for joining us for this episode of In Search of Value

We’ll be back soon with additional episodes. If you haven’t seen our last two episodes with Dr. Dan Mingle and Roxanne Thacker, you can use the links below to access those episodes:

Thank you Alysen for sharing your insight and experiences with me in this conversation!

If you’d like to learn more about Alysen’s work, or would like to understand how her team of experts can help your organization find success in the MIPS program, you can get in touch with us here. 

Get in touch with Charles and Alysen if you have a suggestion for who you’d like us to have a conversation with next. Want to receive alerts when we share our next episode? Take a moment to subscribe here.

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