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Ask Dr. Mingle: Understanding the Small Practice Designation, MIPS Advice for Specialty Practices, and MIPS Focus Areas for 2022

In today’s episode of Ask Dr. Mingle, Dr. Dan Mingle takes questions about the CMS small practice designation, offers advice for specialty practices in MIPS, and shares some insight into areas to focus on in MIPS this year.

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Episode three of Ask Dr. Mingle features questions from Heather, Cindy, and Katie.

  • At 00:54, Heather asks: “How do you know if you’re a small practice, and what changes if you are?”
  • At 05:48, Cindy asks: “Do you have any advice for specialty practices in MIPS? We don’t have enough measures, don’t use an EMR, and are non-patient facing.”
  • At 12:59, Katie asks: “As we go through MIPS in 2022, what do you think is most important to focus on?”

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