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Ask Dr. Mingle: Staying Motivated for MIPS, Strategies to Impact Scores, and how Joining an ACO Changes MIPS Reporting

We’re excited to announce “Ask Dr. Mingle,” a new Q&A series from Mingle Health. In this series, Dr. Dan Mingle – Founder and Executive Chairman here at Mingle Health – will be taking your questions about quality programs and the transition to value-based care.

You can watch the first episode right here:

At Mingle Health, we know that value-based care programs like MIPS, Primary Care First, and other Alternative Payment Models are easier to navigate when you have an expert to rely on for guidance. When you partner with Mingle Health, you gain access to a Mingle Consultant that works to understand your specific needs and challenges in value-based care. Your Mingle Consultant is available to answer any questions you may have about navigating MIPS, PCF, or another APM.

The access to expertise and knowledge you gain with your Mingle Consultant is the inspiration behind this series: we wanted to give anyone the chance to ask their questions about quality programs and value-based care.

Throughout this series, Dr. Mingle will take your questions about value-based care and put his knowledge, experience, and the expertise of our consultants at Mingle Health to work for you.

Please send us your questions!

If you’d like to ask a question about MIPS, Primary Care First, ACO quality reporting, or any other Alternative Payment Model, you can reach out to us in three ways: 

  • In a YouTube comment – ask your question under any episode of “Ask Dr. Mingle” on our YouTube channel.  
  • On LinkedIn – please leave your question in a comment on any of our posts, and we’ll pass it along to Dr. Mingle. 
  • And you can reach out directly by sending an email to Please put “Ask Dr. Mingle” in the subject line when you submit your questions via email. 

On Today’s Episode:

In our first episode, Dr. Mingle answers questions about how to help providers stay motivated for MIPS, strategies to impact scores, and how joining an ACO changes MIPS reporting.

If you enjoyed today’s video, please take a moment to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on LinkedIn.

And, if you have questions about quality programs and value-based care, please send them to us. Dr. Mingle would love to answer your questions on a future episode! 

Want to learn more about the MIPS program in 2022?

Click the button below to access the recording of our latest webinar - "The Hardest Year Yet: Your MIPS Success in 2022" - where Dr. Dan Mingle provides an in-depth exploration of the MIPS program this year.

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